Judge Makes Harrowing 911 Call After Masked Gunmen Invade Her $8 Million Mansion

Judge Susan Dlott fled her Connecticut home without shoes and banged on neighbors' doors for help.

Three suspects were arrested and charged with aggravated robbery after they busted into a federal judge’s $8 million mansion outside Cincinnati.

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Masked gunmen entered the home and according to police “started demanding cash and jewelry.”

Judge Susan Dlott fled barefoot in her nightgown and through the woods, banging on doors for help.

One neighbor let the judge in.

Her husband, a prominent 79-year-old attorney, was being held at gunpoint at their house.

Dlott told the 911 operator: “My husband and the dogs are still there, there's three black men with guns and masks in our house. Call the United States Marshals. I'm a federal judge, call the marshals.”

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When cops got there, they found the judge's husband had been thrown down a flight of stairs.

The three gunmen had already fled and three suspects were later arrested.

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