14-Year-Old Dog Named Wiggles Is Finally Adopted After Spending More Than a Decade in a Shelter

Wiggles, age 14

A dog named Wiggles, who has lived over a decade in a shelter, has finally found a family. Wiggles was rescued when she was three and spent almost 11 years at the 5As animal shelter in Godfrey, Illinois after her original owners brought her there in May 2010 because they couldn't take care of her anymore, according to reports.

Over the years, the shelter made multiple attempts to find Wiggles a home, but she was always overlooked, according to KSDK.

But finally, at 14 years old, the pup was taken in by a couple from St. Louis, Missouri, according to reports.

It was a difficult journey for Wiggles, who developed a benign cantaloupe-sized tumor in 2016. Finding an adoptive family became increasingly unfathomable. 

Wiggles' new parents had "dogs that passed away with cancer and thought it was time to adopt again," according to Riverbender.com.

"I cried tears of happiness at her adoption," long-time kennel worker Karla Crane told the outlet.

Their forever home is equipped with a fenced-in yard and a friendly neighborhood, Crane added. Not to mention, the couple also donated $300 to the animal shelter.

“She’s one of our specials, the older dogs, we spend a little more time with them," Carla told KSDK in a separate interview. "She's a sweetheart and she's a happy girl."


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