14-Year-Old Husky Rescued From Pennsylvania Sinkhole

The hole opened up after heavy rain in the area, officials said.

Pennsylvania firefighters had to hustle to save a senior husky who was nearly swallowed up by a sinkhole.

Tom Borthwick went out to investigate on Thursday afternoon after he noticed a hole in his yard. "I walked over and noticed that my son's dog was in the hole," he told WNEP.

Borthwick called police for help rescuing 14-year-old Damon, who has arthritis. The Old Forge Fire Department showed up with a ladder and harness to pull the pup out of the hole, which was about 8 feet deep. 

Officials said the sinkhole was most likely a result of heavy rain that had fallen in the area.

Damon's owner is happy the dog is safe, but said he won't be allowed in the backyard for a while.

"I hope he's OK," said Borthwick. "He looks like he's OK."