Videos Show Model Partying Before She Became The Nation's Most Wanted Jewelry Thief

Abigail Lee Kemp, who is accused of stealing from six jewelry stores, has now been arrested.

The woman accused in a string of jewelry thefts across the South appeared in court on Monday and wept as she was led from the room, according to reports. 

Abigail Lee Kemp's family and friends said nothing as they left the Atlanta court. The FBI says the 24-year-old woman brazenly robbed jewelry stores in five states. 

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Her first appearance before a judge came after goofy Vine videos surfaced showing her golfing, drinking and laughing before she became the country's most wanted jewelry thief.

Glamour shots have also come to light, showing her wearing a figure-hugging, red mini-dress.

It has emerged that Kemp also worked at Hooters and Twin Peaks, restaurant chains known for their scantily-clad waitresses.

Stephanie Godfrey, who knew Kemp from high school in Smyrna, Georgia, told INSIDE EDITION she was shocked when she allegedly saw Kemp on surveillance footage released by authorities.

"My first thought when I saw her in the photos was 'No way! This is her!' She wasn't a good girl gone bad, she was just a bad girl still going down that path," Godfrey said.

Kemp became the target of a national search after authorities released videos of the heists. It is believed that more than $4 million in jewelry was taken during the stick-ups.

The FBI says it got tips from citizens who recognized her from the videos. Some of the tipsters said Kemp had been wearing expensive jewelry and they didn't know how she could afford it.

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The FBI also says cell phone records show that Kemp allegedly made calls from the site of three of the robberies.

Kemp was busted on Friday. Another man was arrested but the FBI has not commented on him.  

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