70 Never Looked So Good! The Youthful Celebrities Celebrating This Year

As these age-defying celebrities show, 70 is the new 50.

Many of Hollywood’s biggest names will hit a milestone birthday in 2016 - and they will look great doing it.

It's hard to believe that Sylvester Stallone, who just won a Golden Globe, will turn 70 this July.

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Stallone was just 30 when the first Rocky movie came out. He won the Globe on Sunday for portraying the character again in the hit movie, Creed

Donald Trump will turn 70 in June and the husband of his Democratic presidential rival - Bill Clinton - will also turn 70 in August.

Meg Grant, Entertainment Director of AARP Magazine told INSIDE EDITION: "You can look at [Clinton] and he looks younger now than he did 10 years ago." 

Cher hits her milestone birthday in May. Her beauty secrets include a vegetarian diet and no smoking or drinking, which explains why she looks as if she turned back time.

Grant said: "Not smoking and drinking have a huge effect, especially on skin and she's got great skin, always has."

Suzanne Somers turns 70 in October. Somers has been outspoken about her controversial use of human growth hormone to turn back the clock.

She once told INSIDE EDITION: “The reason I take it - I want to keep my bones strong, I want to keep my muscles strong.”

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Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak, who will celebrate in October, Modern Family star Ed O'Neill and legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg will all celebrate the birthday this year.

Oscar winners Sally Field, Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton will also turn 70, as will soap legend Susan Lucci.

And all those years working nine-to-five don't see to have worn out Dolly Parton. The country singer will blow out 70 candles next week.

"Dolly's had a ton of work, which she admits, but she's totally healthy and slim and trim -- that's key to her look," Grant said. 

70 never looked so good.

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