'Man With the Golden Voice' Returns to the Airwaves 5 Years After Living On the Streets

INSIDE EDITION was there as Ted Williams returned to the radio station where he worked 25 years ago.

The once homeless man with a golden voice has made his triumphant return to the Columbus, Ohio radio station where he got his start. 

Ted Williams, dubbed "the man with golden voice" after a video of his smooth speech went viral five years ago, returned to co-host a gospel show at WVKO, where he got his start as a DJ in the 1980s. 

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He told INSIDE EDITION: “Never in my wildest dream could I have ever imagined being back right here. Listen, five years ago I was under a bridge.”

He was homeless for 14 years and battled drugs and alcohol. He's says he's been clean now for more than four years.

“I guess I had to go through the fire to come back pure gold,” he said.

Williams impressed passersby with his "golden voice" for food and money, an exchange that when captured on film, captivated countless viewers and made him once again a household name. 

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Today, Williams can't go anywhere without being recognized.

One woman told IE: “Ted deserves a second chance, third chance, a fourth.”

Bishop Mel Griffin, general manager of WVKO Radio, said: “When you hear that golden voice, people will just turn their heads and go: ‘Hey that’s the golden voice! Ted Williams!’”

Williams can also be heard in a Pepsi commercial that debuted during an episode of Empire.

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