David Beckham Comes to the Aid of a Paramedic and Elderly Patient

David Beckham saw a paramedic on the side of the road treating an elderly patient, the former soccer star decided to pitch in.

The soccer superstar with a heart of gold, David Beckham, came to the aid of a London medical professional and her patient, surprising them with warm beverages as they waited on the side of the road for an ambulance.

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Paramedic Catherine Maynard was assisting an elderly man after he had fallen on a road when Beckham walked by to get into his car. 

But instead of driving off, Beckham returned with tea and coffee for the pair. 

Thank you David Beckham for buying a tea and coffee for Cycle Paramedic Catherine and her patient #buyitlikebeckham pic.twitter.com/IFvnwuGSJI

— London Ambulance (@Ldn_Ambulance) February 1, 2016

“All of a sudden, I looked up and saw someone who looked like David Beckham walking past us. He said hello and got in his car. I said to the man I was treating, 'I think that was David Beckham,'" Maynard told Mashable. 

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"Ten minutes later, he came back with a cup of coffee for me and a tea for the patient," she said.

"It was awful cycling around in the cold today and I couldn’t believe it when he came back with some hot drinks," she continued. "I was so chuffed."

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