Marine Veteran Beaten Outside McDonald's Says He Forgives His Attackers

Chris Marquez spoke to INSIDE EDITION as police announced two arrests in the case.

Washington, D.C. police announced the arrests of two 17-year-olds in connection with the beating of a Marine outside a McDonalds. A third suspect is being sought.

Soldier Chris Marquez does have a message to the attackers: “I do forgive them for what they did, believe me, when I was a teen I wasn't perfect myself. The Marine Corps straightened me out.”

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After eight years of service and multiple deployments in the military Marquez says he suffered his most serious injuries after being brutally attacked outside the fast food chain.

“They asked me if I believe in Black Lives Matter. They asked me that several times,” he said.

The attack was caught on surveillance video. As he left the McDonalds he was viciously struck from behind, without any warning.

“I got hit in the back of the head and that's when I fell down on the ground and I was unconscious,” he said.

After lying on the ground unconscious, he was robbed by the assailants.

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The Marine said he doesn’t remember much but staggered away and was treated in the hospital for traumatic brain injury.

“My memory is really messed up, my short term memory. The V.A. diagnosed me with amnesia because I can't remember anything, really,” he said.

He couldn't even remember which McDonalds he was at. Cops traced it from his receipt.

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