Teen Who Looks Like He's Levitating in Photo Reveals What Was Really Happening

Illinois high school student Walker Stillman appeared to be levitating in mid-air in the now-viral photo.

The high school basketball player who was photographed during a game appearing to levitate says the pictures were not doctored in any way and that is him acting natural.

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Walker Stillman, 17, told INSIDE EDITION: "I thought the ball was going to come to me but it went to my teammate instead. I was just relaxed when the picture happened." 

The image was posted over the weekend online and caught fire, some even compared him to Jesus floating.

Stillman, a guard for Champaign Central High School in Illinois, was photographed by Liz Brunson Photography at the exact moment when he jumped in the air.

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In video of the event, it looks like a normal play, however, the picture taken at that precise moment is what turned heads.

It's a split second in time that Walker will never forget.

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