15-Month-Old Wins by a Landslide During New York City's Diaper Derby

Thirty tots crawled their way across a 10-foot mat in a race to kick off the New York City Triathlon weekend.

As seasoned athletes prepared for the 2018 New York City Triathlon, 30 of the city’s quickest infants crawled their way across a 10-foot mat last Friday to compete for the title of The Diaper Derby Champion.

"The Diaper Derby kicks off the New York City Triathlon weekend," spokesperson Scott "Hootie" Hutmacher of Life Time Tri told InsideEdition.com. "Much like anyone else, we try to encourage youngsters from the age of 0 to 1 to come into the endurance sport space and this is the platform to come up."

He explained parents, who sign up their babies months in advance, can dangle toys, car keys and remote controls from the finish line to coax them across.

"You’ll see how they hype the kids up in advance to try to get the child’s attention, try to calm the nerves," Hutmacher explained. "But there's a lot of commotion, a lot of hoopla, a lot of media cameras out there. It’s a very dedicated sport."

One 15-month-old tot stood out, and swept away the competition.

Little Teddy Bradley, of Brooklyn, won the final heat by a landslide, crawling from mom to dad before many of his competition even began shuffling.

"He can’t crawl anywhere without people saying he’s the fastest crawler they’ve ever seen," his mom, Lindsay Bradley told InsideEdition.com

She and her husband Sean Bradley explained Teddy’s preparation for the race was grueling — including a big breakfast and playing "Eye of the Tiger" to get pumped up.

At the end of the day, Lindsay said it’s all about genetics.

"It’s something you’re born with or you’re not," Lindsay explained. "He just has a lot of natural born talent when it comes to crawling."