Kind Teen Helps Opponent Finish Race After She Fell Over Hurdle

She came in first place in more ways than one.

A kindhearted teen showed incredible sportsmanship when she helped her competitor cross the finish line after the other girl had fallen on the last hurdle of the race.

Marissa Davila, 14, was running the 300-meter hurdle race at her junior high school in Texas when she soared past the finish line and won. 

But what was more impressive was when she noticed her opponent had fallen and went to help her up.

“I went to ask and see if she was OK and she couldn’t walk, so I helped her,” Marissa told

Marissa said the girl was thankful for the help, and wasn’t too badly injured. 

Marissa’s mom, Sadie Marie Davila, said it was a heartwarming moment for her to watch.

"She just ran up to her and started helping her and just started walking and just happened to help her finish the race," Davila said. “Just a proud moment seeing her without hesitation going and helping this little girl out, not even knowing her”