Sacha Baron Cohen Gives Trump HIV In His Latest Film, 'Endorses' Him For President

"Let's turn the White House into the Orange House!"

Sacha Baron Cohen arrived in full character at the Hollywood premiere of his new movie, The Brothers Grimsby, and fully endorsed Donald Trump.

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“People of America, please vote for Donald Trump and let's turn the White House into the Orange House,” he said Thursday. He was in character as Nobby, an English soccer hooligan in the new film. 

“He listens to what the other side says very carefully and then he beats the crap out of them," he said.

The movie includes a controversial scene where Trump appears to contract HIV. Some are wondering if the studio releasing the movie, Sony Pictures, is backing off from fully promoting the film for fear of angering Trump.

A Sony spokesperson said: "The report of a dispute with the filmmaker [Sasha Baron Cohen] is absolutely ridiculous. We are 100 percent supportive of the filmmaker and the film."

Cohen, who rose to fame for portrayal of the outrageous characters Bruno, Borat and Ali G, had final cut approval of his new movie and reportedly refused to tone down the scene about Trump.

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“It wasn't into him until I went to one of his rallies," Cohen-as-Nobby said. "It's a bit like English soccer matches. There's violence, there's shouting, there's abuse.

“He's going to choose as his running mate that retired black doctor who’s had a bit of a drop in his popularity, Bill Cosby,” he continued.

Cohen's wife actress Isla Fisher made sure spell out that her husband's endorsement wasn't real, telling reporters: “This was a comic character making a comic endorsement.”

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