Cops: Burglar Broke Into Home to Save His 'Wife' Taylor Swift

This guy might not be 'out of the woods' just yet.

It is going to be hard for one alleged burglar to shake off the charges against him after he was busted breaking into a home supposedly trying to save pop star Taylor Swift, who he claimed was his wife.

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Paul Herrin, 26, arrived at a homeowner’s door and the owner opened the door believing it was a tenant looking to pay rent, according to authorities.

Police say Herrin then shoved the door open and prevented the owner from shutting him out of the house.

The victim allegedly told the suspect to get out of his home, according to police, before Herrin announced he was looking to save his wife, Taylor Swift.

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Herrin allegedly ran around the back of the home to try to get in through another door, according to reports. The victim called police, who arrived and found Herrin in the back of the home.

He also told police he was there to save his wife, Taylor Swift.

Herrin was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary.

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