Controversial Former Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, Dies of Cancer at 46 | Inside Edition

Controversial Former Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, Dies of Cancer at 46

One of the world's most scandal-plagued politicians has passed.

Rob Ford, the former mayor of Toronto who rose to global attention thanks to his scandal-plagued tenure, has died. He was 46.

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Ford, who was known for his caustic and wild behavior, had a rare stomach cancer.

He is survived by his wife, Renata, and their two children Stephanie, 11, and Doug, 8. The family released a statement on Tuesday that called Ford a “dedicated man of the people” who “spent his life serving the citizens of Toronto.”

He was diagnosed in 2014 while in the middle of a reelection and dropped out of the race. His brother, Doug, took his place and lost to John Tory.

In 2012, a judge ejected him from office due to a conflict of interest, however, an appeal court allowed him back in on a technicality.

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In 2013, he attended a military ball allegedly intoxicated and then cell phone footage surfaced that year of him apparently smoking crack.

After months of denial, Ford admitted he was abusing drugs and alcohol and entered rehab. He was stripped of many of his mayoral powers.

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