Cops: Brazen Bank Robbers Nab $280,000 and Loot Safety Deposit Boxes By Cutting Hole in Vault

Bank in Orthodox Jewish neighborhood robbed of nearly $300,000 while it was closed for the Sabbath, New York police said.

New York Police detectives are trying to figure out how thieves managed to drill through the ceiling and vault of a HSBC bank and make off with $280,000 in cash and an unknown haul of jewelry and valuables looted from safety deposit boxes.

The brazen heist on 13th Avenue in the largely Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Borough Park occurred over the weekend, when the financial institution is closed from Friday afternoon until Monday morning in observance of Shabbat, the Jewish holy day.

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Bank employees who reported to work Monday found a hole in the ceiling of the vault, which led to an opening in the roof, police said. No alarms went off and the thieves were not caught on video surveillance cameras, according to local reports.

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The bank remains closed as FBI agents and the NYPD continue to investigate the daring theft. Detectives are interviewing customers to document the contents of their safety deposit boxes, police said.

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