Little Girl Who Cried Over Sport Star's Surgery Finally Gets to Meet Him

L.A. Galaxy's Robbie Keane was pleased to meet the girl and said he will score for her when he returns to the pitch.

When a little girl found out her favorite soccer player would be out of action for six weeks because of a knee injury, she was devastated. 

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Three-year-old Xyla could not be consoled when her mother broke the news that Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder Robbie Keane would be off the field because he needed surgery. 

The pint-sized fan was filmed crying in her bed after she learned the bad news, as her mom asked her if she was upset. 

After her mom shared the video online, the team and the 35-year-old star player found out about the heartbroken girl and invited her to meet him.

The L.A. Galaxy recorded the young girl's encounter with her hero. 

The former captain of Ireland was overwhelmed when he met little Xyla earlier this week and signed a jersey for the girl and posed for pictures after a game.

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The shy girl could not believe her eyes that her hero was hanging out with her.

The Galaxy captain told the girl that when he returns to the pitch, he will score a goal just for her.

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