16-Pound Baby Born in 1983 Is Now a 6-Foot-9 Man With Size 17 Feet

Giant baby Kevin Clark grew into giant man Kevin Clark.

In 1983, Kevin Clark made headlines for being a giant baby, weighing in at a whooping 16 pounds at birth. 

Now, that giant baby has grown into a giant man. 

Clark, 35, is all grown up — literally. He stands at 6-foot-9, weighs 300 pounds and wears a size 17 shoe. He has to duck while walking through doors and shower heads only reach up to his chest. 

Clark gets just as much attention for his size nowadays as he did when he was an infant.

"Walking down the street, people are constantly stopping and asking how tall I am," he told Inside Edition. 

Today, he's married to wife Jenna, who's pretty tall herself, and still finds humor in living large. 

"We might need to look at something a little bigger," he said with a laugh, squeezing himself into a tiny car. 

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