'Baby Boom Hospital': 31 Staffers Give Birth to 32 Babies in 2018

A Minnesota hospital had a busy 2018 with 31 of its birthing unit staffers becoming mothers to 32 babies over the year.

Staffers at St. Cloud Hospital in Minnesota have a lot to be thankful for in 2018, specifically more than two dozen bundles of joy. 

Thirty-one employees welcomed a grand total of 32 babies last year, including one lucky mom who had twins. That means nearly one in five staffers were pregnant at the same time at the hospital, and in a twist of fate, they all worked in the birthing unit together.

"It was fun," one mom said. "You'd see people walking down the hall and compare bellies."

"He was our first so it was a big relief coming to work with everyone else being pregnant and be like, 'Hey, is this normal? Is this normal?' and just have that weight lifted off my shoulders," added another mom.

The workers all reunited for a photo shoot, shouting "We're the baby boom hospital" for the camera. All the children sported onesies, each donned with numbers representing the order in which they were born. 

"This is the greatest part of your life and to experience that with your co-workers, your doctors that you love and trust — we get to be there for these big moments for each other," a third mom said.