World's Smallest Baby Goes Home From the Hospital

The baby was born at 24 weeks by cesarean section after doctors determined his life was in danger.
Keio University via Reuters

The smallest baby ever born is going home from the hospital. 

The baby boy weighed just 9.45 ounces when he was born at 24 weeks in Keio University Hospital in Tokyo, and doctors weren’t sure he would make it.

“I am grateful that he has grown this big because, honestly, I wasn’t sure he could survive,” the boy’s mother told Reuters.

The boy was not gaining weight in the womb and doctors determined his life was in danger so he was delivered by cesarean section in August.

On Feb. 20, he went home. 

The previous smallest baby was born in 2009 and weighed around 9.6 ounces at birth, Reuters reported.

There are only 23 babies worldwide who survived being born under 10 ounces, according to the Tiniest Babies Registry website.

“I want people to know that babies can return home vigorous even if they are born small,” said Dr. Takeshi Arimitsu, who tended to the baby during his time there.


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