Good Samaritan Who Reached Under Train to Save Trapped Teen Denies He's a Hero

Dramatic video shows Justin Schneider helping the girl to safety.

The good Samaritan who reached beneath a train to pull a trapped teenage girl to safety has denied he’s a hero.

“I only did what I would want others to do if I was in that situation or any emergency situation,” Justin Schneider told INSIDE EDITION.

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Schneider said he saw the 19-year-old as he got off the commuter train at the Clark and Division station in downtown Chicago on Wednesday afternoon. Another passerby filmed as he reached down to help her.

“Just stay cool OK?” he is heard telling the girl. “Help's on the way for you buddy.”

“I just held her hand and kept telling her ‘help's on the way and just stay calm and hang in there,’” he told IE.

He held a flashlight as the teen was pulled to safety.

“She crawled forward and at that point another bystander and myself and a couple of CTA workers were able to pull her up and out,” he said.

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Xiao Lyu, a journalism student who filmed the rescue, told IE that he was impressed by Schneider’s quick thinking.

“He's the only person who tried to offer some actual help,” he said.

It is not clear how the rescued teen ended up on the tracks but CBS Chicago reported that she was not hit by the train. She was transported to hospital in good condition with non-life threatening injuries.

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