High School Student With Cerebral Palsy Steps Out of Wheelchair for First Time at Graduation

A student with cerebral palsy certainly made his parents proud at graduation.

There was hardly a dry eye in the house when a high school student with cerebral palsy stood up from his wheelchair for the first time ever to accept his diploma on May 20.

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Oklahoma teenager Micah McDade was born with cerebral palsy. He's had countless surgeries and hours of physical therapy. Not only has he worked hard to do well in school, but he's also fought to stand on his own two feet.

While his parents, fellow students on the field and administrators onstage watcjed the Okmulgee High School graduation, McDade had a big surprise in store.

McDade stepped out of his wheelchair for the first time and took his victory walk across the stage to get his diploma. "The crowds stood and cheered him on every step of the way," reports the Okmulgee County News, which captured the moment McDade fought so hard for. 

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"His parents Mark and Anisa McDade said they couldn't be prouder. They stood that night along with the crowd, with tears of joy streaming from their eyes,” reports the paper.

The student had been working hard to fulfill his dream of walking. “He never gave up on his path to someday do what comes naturally to most everyone else...walk.” the paper reported. 

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