Former Padres DJ Wants 'A Second Chance' After Blunder Involving San Diego Gay Men's Chorus

"Unfortunately, I failed to upload the right track," he told Inside Edition.

The DJ who spun a sour note at a recent Padres game with the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus is breaking his radio silence, taking full responsibility for the mishap.

Art Romero told Inside Edition: “I am extremely apologetic and remorseful for the mistake that I made.”

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Romero was working the game Saturday when he accidentally played a tape of a woman singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" that drowned out the voices of the choir as they tried to honor America in song.

The chorus was left hurt and embarrassed when no one could hear their rendition of the national anthem before the game.

Romero was fired for the mistake.

“Unfortunately, I failed to upload the right track,” he said. “In a moment of panic, I hit the first thing I saw, which is what everybody heard. Unfortunately, I took away a moment for the Gay Men's Chorus.”

The shamed DJ hopes to get his job back, saying: “I believe we all deserve a second chance.”

The San Diego Padres have apologized to the chorus after the pre-game blunder at Petco Park on Saturday.

The Padres have since released a statement calling the mistake a "technical error" with no "malicious intent."

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"We have terminated our relationship with the third-party contractor who was responsible for the error," they added.

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