Dallas Road Sign Hackers Turn Their Sights on Cincinnati Zoo Controversy

For the third time in eight days, pranksters hacked into Dallas area construction signs and this time they've roped in Harambe.

For the third time in eight days, pranksters hacked into Dallas-area roadsigns to turn warnings to drivers into jokes.

And this time they've called out Harambe. Or so it appears.

The most recent message, which appeared Sunday morning, seemed to be a reference to the recent Cincinnati Zoo controversy.

Hacked construction sign on Cedar Springs & Carlisle St. reads "Gorilla deserved it" #wfaa @wfaachannel8 pic.twitter.com/a1jugOt2wq

June 5, 2016

"Gorilla deserved it," the sign was changed to read at the heels of the uproar over the shooting of a silverback gorilla afer a 4-year-old boy managed to fall into his enclosure.

Desmond Fernandez of WFAA tweeted an image of the sign Sunday morning.

Days earlier, another roadsign in the Dallas area was changed to read "Donald Trump is a... shapeshifting lizard."

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Another sign was changed to "Bernie for President" and, days earlier, the same portable sign that was changed to bash Trump read "Party hardy" for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Tony Hartzel of the Texas Department of Transportation told InsideEdition.com that these pranks are no laughing matter.

"These signs were secured and turned off until someone broke into them to enter these messages," Hartzel said in a statement. "Such actions endanger the safety of themselves and motorists, and the messages could also become a distraction to motorists driving on the highway."

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Hartzel stressed the signs cannot be accessed remotely.

"The department is looking at additional measures to secure the signs. We encourage the public to report any suspicious activity around these signs," Hartzel said. 

The Texas Department of Transportation also had to change two other nearby signs.

One of the hacked signs read "Bernie for President." The other sign encouraged Texas drivers to "Party Hardy Yall."

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