Hoop Dreams: President Obama Has 'Discussed' Owning NBA Team After Leaving White House

The president has reportedly talked about buying into an NBA franchise when his days as commander-in-chief are over.

It is no secret that President Obama loves basketball, but is owning a team in his not-too-distant future?

ESPN is reporting that the president has "discussed" owning an NBA franchise after leaving the White House next year.

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White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed Wednesday that it’s a very real option, saying the president would "potentially ... under the right circumstances" go for the idea. 

According to Forbes magazine, the average NBA franchise is now worth $1.25 billion. The president is going to need a ton of money to make this fantasy a reality.

"If you are going to be owning and operating an NBA team, even if you have to deal with players and coaches and fans, it is probably a lot more fun than dealing with the congress these days," sports media expert Ed Desser told Inside Edition. 

There is speculation that the teams Obama would look at may include the Detroit Pistons, Brooklyn Nets and Minnesota Timberwolves.

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Obama’s hometown team, Chicago Bulls, is said to be worth $2.3 billion, but is not currently up for sale.

In a November interview with GQ, Obama said: "I have fantasized about being able to put together a team and how much fun that would be. I think it'd be terrific."

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