If Looks Could Kill! Michael Phelps Gives His Rival an Evil Stare

The world's most decorated Olympian broke the internet.

Cameras captured Michael Phelps’ intense game face before Monday night's 200 meter butterfly event at the Rio Olympics.

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Phelps’ rival, swimmer Chad le Clos of South Africa, was shadowboxing and jumping in place in the waiting room prior to the swim directly in front of Phelps.

The world’s most decorated Olympian just sat and stared le Clos down with a look so intense it's caused a stir across social media.

The #PhelpsFace erupted on Twitter.

Le Clos even took a seat directly in front of Phelps to apparently distract him some more. Phelps remained with his sinister stare as he wore a hoodie and headphones.

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Phelps, who always listens to music prior to a big swim is said to have a playlist that includes rappers Eminem and Young Jeezy and country singer Eric Church.

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