Now Let's Get in 'Formation': Sheriff Performs Lip Sync Routine to Beyonce's Hit Single

What does a D.C. cop and Beyonce have in common? They both deliver an incredible performance to the song, "Formation."

You have the right to remain shakin'.

Meet the D.C. cop who has become an internet sensation by delivering an incredible rendition of Beyonce's song, "Formation." 

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For a lip sync competition for a high school fundraiser, Lieutenant Deuntay Diggs of the Stafford County Sheriff's Department the committed the routine for Queen Bey's hit single to memory.

"I watched her video 20 or 30 times the night before and tried to memorize it," Diggs told

But the ending was all him. Because the competition was close, he said he felt like he had to finish his routine with a bang, so he landed in a split.

Obviously, the final move was worth it: "I won! I won last year, and this year."

Diggs, 31, said he's also performed to "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift and "Single Ladies" by Beyonce in years' past.

As a deputy of 8 years, he said it was important for him to perform because he wanted to highlight the social changes since he started his career, when "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was still in place.

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Diggs was the first openly gay cadet to graduate from the Virginia Military Institute and is the first openly gay deputy at the Stafford County Sheriff's Department.

In addition to his police work, Diggs also does public speaking on race, sexuality and diversity.

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