Happy Anniversary, 'Sabrina!': Melissa Joan Hart Reflects on 'Teenage Witch' 20 Years Later

The actress credits the show with opening up her career path with producer and director opportunities.

Tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’s TV debut.

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Fans fell in love with Melissa Joan Hart 20 years ago as she played the teenager, who balanced her life between the horrors of high school, two eccentric aunts and her magical powers.

To mark the milestone, Hart, also a Nutrisystem spokeswoman, posted about the show on Instagram.

The actress, now 40, got her start producing and directing during her tenure as "Sabrina."

“My mother and I got our started our production company with Sabrina. My mother eventually sold the company to Viacom. I got my producing and directing start while on Sabrina,” she recalled.

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Since then, she went on to produce her latest show, Melissa and Joey. She is also directing and producing a new feature, which is currently in development.

Hart's latest film, God’s Not Dead 2, is currently out on DVD. She called making that film “a great experience.”

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