Extraordinary Moments of Hurricane Matthew Caught on Video

Incredible moments of the massive storm were captured on several videos.

Hurricane Matthew is drenching Florida as the Category 3 tempest moves up the Eastern coast. 

Several people have captured the storm’s massive impact on video and online.

“It wasn’t just the wind that was violent, but the rain came from different directions,” said one reporter.

Another clip posted on Periscope showed a college graduate student taking Hurricane Matthew head on.  According to the young man, the rain and wind was "so strong you can almost lean into the wind."

The storm also interrupts family vacations. Twenty guests were trapped by the storm’s flood waters inside a Florida hotel in St. Augustine.

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A newlywed couple’s honeymoon came to an end when they returned to their suite to find the room  trashed. The windows were broken and the furniture was spewed in pieces across the room. 

“Everything’s gone! No! Everything!” the bride exclaimed in the video.

Radio DJ Tony Zazza posted a video on social media  saying, "Matthew’s coming and he’s packing a punch. I’m not going to lie, I’m scared!”

Journalist Matt Megaher braved the harrowing wind and rain and reported the storm's frightening aftermath in Florida.

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According to Megaher, the winds were blowing 115 mph, snapping palm trees in half. 

 Fox News Channel anchor  Shepard Smith, might disagree with Vanilla Ice. He’s received backlash on social media for his remarks on the storm.

“This moves 20 miles to the west you and everyone you know are dead; all of you; because you can't survive,” said the anchor. “It's not possible; unless you're very very lucky; and your kids die too!”

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