Pregnant Golden Retriever Poses In Maternity Photos As She Awaits Her First Litter of Fur Babies

To document Chanel's first set of puppies, the 5-year-old golden retriever posed-with the help of many treats-next to the father of her litter, LeeRoy.

Every pregnancy is one to be celebrated—even when this mom and pop are expecting a litter of puppies.

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Chanel, a very pregnant 5-year-old golden retriever from California, has stolen hearts on social media after posing in a maternity photo shoot just days before she was expected to give birth.

"I saw a few people in my age group taking maternity pictures, so I thought it would be fun to do them for my dog," Kennedy Sorensen, 21, told

To document Chanel's first set of puppies, the golden retriever posed—with the help of many treats—next to the father of her litter, LeeRoy.

"Kennedy thought the shoot would be fun, and I agreed," said photographer Amy Rients, who is also the owner of LeeRoy. "Chanel was a fabulous subject... Leeroy, not so much," she joked.

In photos posted to social media, the pups could be seen smooching and smiling while holding up a sign that read: "9 days until puppies."

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"She's doing well now and we are just waiting for her to pop," Sorensen said.

Their litter is due on Wednesday, and Rients said she and Sorensen have already scheduled a newborn shoot the moment the soon-to-be mom gives birth.

"I think she will be an amazing mother," Sorensen said.

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