Cameron Diaz and A-Rod's Super Bowl Moment Staged?

When TV cameras caught Cameron Diaz feeding her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez popcorn at the Super Bowl, everyone thought it was just a candid moment. But were they putting on a show for the cameras? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Everyone's still talking about that lovey-dovey moment at the Super Bowl when Cameron Diaz fed popcorn to her boyfriend, Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez.

Their intimate moment aired up on national television for the entire world to see.

"I'm sure Alex is thrilled we just put the camera on him at that moment," noted a TV commentator.

But now some are wondering, did they know they were on TV and was it a moment put on for public display?

WFAN radio host Craig Carton says it might have all been for show.

"I think she wanted the world to know, 'This is my man and I'm going to prove it in front of 111 million people by feeding him popcorn!' " he told INSIDE EDITION.

The couple's romance continues full steam ahead. Right after the Super Bowl they flew to New York City where they were photographed arm-in-arm.