Grab 'Em by the Pages: Did Trump Write the Steamiest Novel of the Decade?

The Republican presidential candidate's name was originally on the cover of "Trump Tower."

Did Donald Trump actually write the "sexiest novel of the decade?"

Trump Tower is about the so-called "sordid lives" of the rich and famous who live at the Fifth Avenue skyscraper and even features a cameo by none other than former President Bill Clinton.

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When Trump Tower came out in 2012, it was publicized as the real estate tycoon’s debut novel, according to the Huffington Post. He co-authored the book with Jeffrey Robinson.

Trump's name mysteriously disappeared when the book was distributed to book stores, leaving many to wonder if the future GOP presidential candidate actually wrote it.

Trump Tower features female characters with "gorgeous breasts" and overheated prose like: "Almost in a trance, she unbuttoned her jeans, opened them, and let them fall to her ankles."

One male character even says every guy needs a "little p***y,” the same term used by Trump in the now-infamous leaked recording.

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The Donald gave Trump Tower a glowing review, writing on the back cover: "Here is the drama of the ultra-rich, the ultra-powerful, and the ultra-beautiful who call the most glamorous address in the country their home. I can't wait to see it on television!"

The book is still on sale at Trump Tower. The Trump campaign did not return Inside Edition’s request for comment.

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