Man Falls, Gets Trapped in Badger Hole During Police Chase

Police heard the man screaming from inside.

An Oregon man fleeing from police ended up getting stuck in a deep badger hole, police said.

Gregory Morrow, 22, was allegedly evading police in a stolen truck with another man, Jerry Boatman, and a dog, when police decided to terminate the chase due to safety concerns.

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An air and ground search later continued and they eventually found 35-year-old Boatman and he was arrested for escape and a parole violation.

Police kept searching and found the dog that was with the two men, which fled into a badger hole. As they were trying to get him out, police said they heard Morrow screaming from inside the hole.

After an hour and a half Morrow was rescued and taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

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Morrow also had a parole violation warrant and police said his charges are pending.

“Most likely Morrow would have died from exposure as he would not have been able to free himself,” police said in a statement.

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