Back to Normal: Bill Clinton Spotted Around Town a Week After Election

The 42nd president chatted with locals as he had lunch.

Photographers found Bill Clinton leaving the drugstore, shopping bag in hand, just like any other suburban husband and dad.

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The former president was seen outside a Rite Aid in Chappaqua, New York, where he and Hillary reside. He was flanked by Secret Service, which provides 24-hour protection to former presidents.

The 70-year-old then entered an SUV and went out to lunch at Le Jardin Du Roi Monday with a friend, where he talked to locals and posed for photos.

It is the second public encounter the folks of the town in New York have had with the Clintons since wife Hillary's crushing defeat by President-elect Donald Trump.

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Last week, a mother was hiking in the woods with her daughter when she came upon the Clintons. Bill got behind the camera and took a photo of the mother with his wife.

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