2 Women Sue Chicago Bar They Say is Responsible For Their Separate Sexual Assaults

Chilling video has emerged from a recent incident that occurred outside Chicago's El Hefe, which prompted another woman to come forward with her story.

Two women have filed lawsuits against a popular Chicago nightclub they say facilitated conditions that made their alleged sexually assaults possible.  

In chilling video from October, a 23-year-old woman can be seen being led out the back door of a bar by a man wearing red shoes. The footage shows her stumble as he walks her down an alley, where she says she was then sexually assaulted.

The woman, known only as "Jane Doe,” has filed a lawsuit against the Chicago nightclub El Hefe, which she says is responsible for her assault. Her suit charges the bar with negligence and claims she was drugged by an unknown individual inside the club. Furthermore, the suit claims the club's security guards were less than 100 feet away from where she was being assaulted, but did nothing.
Elizabeth Capra says she was assaulted at the same bar five years ago. 

"It's like watching myself," she told Inside Edition of viewing the surveillance footage of the October incident. "It's very eerie.” 

Capra kept silent all these years, but went public after seeing the Jane Doe video. 

“It brought me back to that day like it was yesterday. Chills up and down my spine,” she said

In October 2014, Capra had gone to El Hefe on a girl’s night out to watch a Chicago Bears football game.

“I remember coming with my girlfriends. Ordering my drink. And that is it. It's like a light turned off in my brain,” she said. “The next thing I remember is running to my home down the street where I was either dropped off, dumped, I have no idea.” 

A rape kit confirmed she had been sexually assaulted, but she never brought charges. Describing how she felt after the alleged attack, Capra said “just fear. So much fear. So much embarrassment.” 

Inside Edition spoke to Lissa Druss, a spokeswoman for El Hefe, who said, "We are doing everything we can to get the facts."

"We're working very closely with the Chicago police Department because we want to know what happened and make sure it never happens again," she said. 

Capra filed a lawsuit against the bar this week.