4-Year-Old's Elderly Best Bud, Whom She Met Last Month, Joins Family for Thanksgiving

He's become like family.

After 4-year-old Norah befriended a complete stranger in the grocery store last month, the elderly man had a spot at the dinner table for Thanksgiving.

Norah Woods met Mr. Dan, 82, while shopping for birthday cupcakes and the two hit it off when she randomly asked to take a picture with him.

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So it was no surprise when Mr. Dan decided to join the family for Thanksgiving.

Although Mr. Dan had originally planned to go see his late wife’s family in Atlanta, his plans were cancelled and the Woods family was happy to have him.

“We were delighted that the plans changed,” Norah’s mom, Tara Woods, told InsideEdition.com.

Norah not only got to hang out with one of her closest friends, but Mr. Dan also got to meet the rest of the family, including Woods’ six other children.

“It went well. All of my kids feel like they already knew him because they see him in a picture in her room and have seen all the news,” Woods said. “The rest of our family knows the story. It felt like the family knew him.”

Norah treated it like any other day.

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“It’s almost like she expected him to be there,” said Woods.

Mr. Dan has continued to be a part of their lives since their meeting.

Norah gets to see him weekly and Woods calls to check on him twice a week.

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