Couple That Met in Grocery Store Walk Down the Pasta Aisle to Get Hitched

Couple that met in grocery store get hitched in the produce section.

A Georgia couple walked down Aisle 3 to get married in the same grocery store where their romance began.

Charles and Mary Tinson got hitched in the produce department of Harveys Supermarket in Albany, Georgia, on Thanksgiving Day.

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She wore white and they carried cans of cranberry sauce – which was what brought Charles into the store four years ago.

He had just returned from a tour in Afghanistan and ran in to fetch a tin of the turkey trimming. Then he saw Mary, who he hadn’t laid eyes on for about 20 years, WALB-TV reported.

“I heard someone say ‘Hey girl,’ and I turned around and said ‘Oh, my God, Larry?’’’ the bride recounted. “You can often tell when a man has a crush on you,” she confided.

After dating for a good spell, they decided to get married.

"She asked me, ‘Where are we going to get married?’ And I said, ‘At Harveys, where I met you’’’ Larry explained.

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The store helped by providing a wedding cake – topped with cranberries – and the venue.

"To our knowledge this is the first time we've ever had a real wedding in one of our supermarkets," said Ken Wicker, vice president of operations for the chain.

The couple was wed before more than 70 witnesses.

 "On Thanksgiving Day, he said what he wanted to do is to give thanks to the Lord for the old going out and the new coming in," Mary said of her new husband.

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