Driver in Parking Lot Road Rage Case Says She Feared for Her Life: 'I was Terrified'

Yaya Shabbaz was the driver who hit a fire hydrant as she tried to get away.

One of the drivers involved in the infamous demolition derby in a Los Angeles parking lot has come forward to share her side of the bizarre road rage incident.

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Yaya Shabbaz, the woman in the white SUV seen hitting a fire hydrant Sunday as she fled, told Inside Edition that she feared for her life.

Shabbaz says she was desperate to get away from a dangerous situation.

“They grabbed me out of the car and yanked me to the ground,” she told Inside Edition: 

The mind-boggling clash is said to be triggered when the two women got into a dispute as they were driving on the street Sunday. Both vehicles pulled into a grocery store parking lot when the chaos erupted.

“You can see [in the video], I just got my arms up,” she added.

Shabbaz says she found herself being pummeled. She said she tried to flee. But it didn't go as planned with her white SUV repeatedly ramming into the BMW of the other woman.

“People started surrounding my car and I just started driving, I kind of blanked out and I started driving. I just wanted people away from me. It seemed like they were just trying to keep me in the parking lot and I was just trying to get out and I hit the fire hydrant," she recalled. 

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The vehicle Shabazz was driving is said to be a rental.

She denied playing bumper cars with the other driver, saying only, "every time I moved, she moved. I freaked and panicked."

Authorities say both drivers have filed police reports over the bizarre showdown.

The other driver claims that Shabbaz was the aggressor.

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