2017's Monster Storms: Unforgettable Footage Reveals Mother Nature's Wrath

Weather events caused destruction across the country this year.

From hail storms to tornadoes and floods, 2017 brought us unforgettable videos of Mother Nature’s wrath.

Among the astonishing caught-on-tape moments was a powerful Colorado hail storm in May that forced a mother and her three children to stay inside their car.

In Wyoming in June, a barn disintegrated as a monster tornado ripped along a country road and tore off the roof of a house. Incredibly, no one was injured.

In October, an entire home in New Hampshire was swept away in a storm. The home's owner, Lisa Slade, watched the shocking footage on the local news and couldn't believe it. 

“My grandparents, my dad and uncle helped build that house," she told Inside Edition. "Everything of my grandparents was in there." 

She added that it was “awful” to watch the video, saying, "It was like someone died in your family watching that. It was shocking. I kept rewinding.” 

No one was home or hurt during the incident but the emotional impact will be felt for years. 

"Thank God it happened when we weren’t there," Slade added. "If it had happened when we were sleeping, we would have had no idea what was going on. The bedroom was one of the parts that went down the river."
In Florida in July, another family had their home destroyed by a giant sinkhole. 

The Ramirez family had just moments to flee after they heard the walls cracking in their home in Land O' Lakes.

They could do nothing but watch as the sinkhole consumed their house.

"It is emotional. What can you say? You wouldn't wish this on anyone," one of the family members told reporters through tears.