Angry Parents Beat Pedophile With His Own Trumpet During Concert; He Dies Weeks Later

Parents beat the convicted child molester with his own trumpet, leaving him in a coma, authorities said.

A convicted pedophile has died after enraged parents beat the former children's music teacher with his own trumpet, leaving him in a coma.

Marcelo Fabian Pecollo, who taught and was a member of Argentina’s Moron City Orchestra, had been sentenced in 2010 to 30 years behind bars for molesting five preschool students, Agence France-Presse reported.

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But Pecollo was released in 2014 after his sentence was reduced.

He was attacked on October 30, during a concert at a cathedral in the Buenos Aires suburb of Moron, the wire service said. He died Friday.

Parents from the preschool where Pecollo had molested children were demonstrating outside, when a mob burst inside shouting, “There is a pedophile and a rapist in the church and he is playing in this orchestra.”

Pecollo, 42, ran from the mob, but wasn’t fast enough, according to AFP. He was beaten by the parents, who grabbed a trumpet and repeatedly struck him with the instrument.

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“When I arrived, those people were leaving,” said priest Jorge Oesterheld. “He was in a very, very bad way until the police and ambulance arrived.”

The pastor condemned the mob attack.

“They say they took justice into their own hands, but it was revenge, it was murder,” he said.

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