Armed Robber Pulls Gun on Former WWE Wrestler in Gas Station, Lives to Regret It

Shad Gaspard body-slammed the hapless thief who obviously didn't realize who he was messing with.

A former WWE star is being hailed a hero for taking down a gun-wielding robber at a Florida gas station, proving Saturday night's all right for fighting.

Shad Gaspard stopped the man who was waving a gun at him at a Coral Springs gas station Saturday night.

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"I put him in a rear choke then I took him down to the floor as fast as I could," Gaspard told Inside Edition.

Gaspard had left a wrestling show in the area Saturday night before stopping at the gas station to grab something to drink. Gaspard says a man then approached him and pointed a gun at him.

The wrestler grabbed the gun and body-slammed the alleged thief to the ground. He pinned him down until police arrived.

On a 911 call, the store clerk is heard saying, “My customer came to this store and some guy came and he pointed a gun at this guy and he's a big guy!”

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The alleged thief stands at about 5-foot-8-inches while Gaspard, who is also a body builder, stands at 6-foot-5-inches.

The grateful gas station clerk posed for a photo with the wrestler following the incident.

It turns out the suspect's weapon was a BB gun. He has been charged with robbery with a weapon.

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