Did 'The Simpsons' Foretell Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Halftime Show 5 Years Ago?

From the high-flying acrobatics to the costumes, Lady Gaga's Halftime Show had few surprises if you watched "The Simpsons" five years ago.

Was Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime spectacle inspired by The Simpsons?

In 2012, the iconic Fox animated series displayed Gaga in a silver outfit flying above her audience while tethered to a helicopter.

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At the Super Bowl on Sunday, Gaga, was again tethered at Houston’s NRG Stadium as she jumped to the stage in a silver outfit.

The internet lost its mind as users posted the similarities straight away.

At one point during the "Bad Romance" singer’s performance, the night sky lit up, which also happened in the same episode of The Simpsons.

Another similarity was that Gaga was seen sitting and playing a piano during the cartoon and she did the same in her Super Bowl gig.

Many have asked if The Simpsons writers have some sort of crystal ball.

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In 2000, the show predicted a Donald Trump-run for the presidency back in 2000.

The Simpsons also featured President Trump numerous times after he announced his presidential run in June 2015.

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