Texas Rangers Called In to Help Find Tom Brady's Missing Super Bowl Jersey

The jersey is valued at $500,000.

The search is on for Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey — and even the Texas Rangers have been called in to aid in the search.

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Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has ordered the independent law enforcement unit to track down the stolen jersey, which is now considered a priceless piece of memorabilia since Brady won his fifth Super Bowl — and fourth Super Bowl MVP award — while wearing it.

"Tom Brady’s jersey has great historical value. It will likely go into the Hall of Fame one day. It is important that history does not record it was stolen in Texas,” Patrick said in a statement.

"I’m a Texans and Cowboys fan first, but the unquestionable success of the Super Bowl in Houston last night was a big win for our entire state, and I don’t want anything to mar that victory," Patrick added. "Whoever took this jersey should turn it in. The Texas Rangers are on the trail."

The New England Patriots hero discovered the jersey he wore in Sunday’s amazing comeback game had been stolen from the NRG Stadium locker room during post-game celebrations.

Hey can someone give Tom Brady his jersey back? #SB51 (via @danhanzus) pic.twitter.com/cv99qUW4XY

— NFL (@NFL) February 6, 2017

“Someone stole my jersey,” Brady tells Patriots owner Robert Kraft in locker room video,

"You better look online,” Kraft replies.

The jersey is said to be worth at least $500,000. But it would most likely be impossible to sell on the open market given its "stolen goods" status.

In another locker room video, he told a Patriots employee where he put it. He was visibly annoyed.

Tom Brady can't find his #SuperBowl game jersey: 'It's going to be on eBay at some point' ? pic.twitter.com/kjlMT3impM

— ThePostGame (@ThePostGame) February 6, 2017

At a press conference Monday, Brady even asked the media if they could help him find his article of clothing.

“It’s unfortunate because that’s a nice piece of memorabilia. If it ends up on eBay, let me know,” he asked.

Meanwhile, more is also being learned about how Lady Gaga pulled off her amazing leap from the roof into the stadium in that spectacular Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The patriotic songs she belted out on the rooftop and the leap were prerecorded. Video shot inside the stadium shows how she was lowered on wires to the stage below to make it appear she had jumped.

After Gaga's high flying stunt, many on social media began saying she copied Pink's famous high wire routine. Now, the “So What” singer has come to Gaga’s defense on Twitter, lambasting internet trolls.

She wrote: “For the record: Let’s squash this before it even has a chance to be a thing... Lady Gaga killed it yesterday. Her voice was powerful and beautiful, her outfits were on point, choreography stellar, her heart was in it and she sang about love and inclusiveness, all in front of millions and millions of people.

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“Let’s celebrate a woman who has the guts to jump off a roof and stand up there in the first place. Who cares if I flew first? Cause I didn’t! Cirque and Peter [Pan] been in the air for years!

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