College Roommates Sweep Rat Out of Their Apartment: 'We Didn't Think It Was Going to Go That Well!'

This is some impressive teamwork.

A group of friends behind the viral video showing a rat being swept out of an apartment are speaking out about their perfectly timed mission.

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The four roommates – Jody, Brianna, Meg and Logan – were enjoying life at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh when a rat decided to move in with them.

They told Inside Edition the rat was in the apartment for four days and “no one would help us.” So they decided to kick the rat out using their own ingenuity.

Logan’s boyfriend, Beau, said: “I went downstairs and I got a Swiffer, and I got an old mop and I said: 'Okay you guys, block these doors and if it tries to come back into the kitchen I’ll either kill it or knock it out of the door.’”

Logan poked the rat out the shower and it raced out of the door as her roommate Brianna was waiting with a mop to push it down the stairs. It went flying down to Beau, who swatted it out of the house like a hockey puck.

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“We didn’t think it was going to go that well," they admitted.

The rat did return later in the night but the roommates were prepared with a trap, which killed the rodent. 

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