Heart-stopping Video Captures the Moment Boy Is Rescued After He's Caught in Riptide

There were no lifeguards on duty, so other beachgoers sprinted into the ocean to help.

There was drama on a Hawaiian beach over the weekend when a little boy was caught in a devastating undertow and a group of quick-thinking good Samaritans joined forces to save his life.

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The South Korean child, who was vacationing with his family in Oahu's North Shore, was frolicking in the surf Sunday when he was suddenly hit by a powerful wave.

His mother and grandfather rushed to the rescue, but the 8-year-old was already sucked underwater.

There were no lifeguards on the beach, so other tourists sprinted into the ocean to do what they could to help.

After a few harrowing moments, the boy was pulled to shore and luckily only had some water in his mouth, according to his mother.

Meanwhile, a couple of other fearless good Samaritans are speaking out about a separate rescue.

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Calvin Klein model Bennett Jonas and his friend Ethan Turnbull, who is also a model, were skateboarding when they rescued seven teenagers who fell through ice in New York City’s Central Park Monday evening.

The dynamic duo spoke out about their heroism on Good Morning America Wednesday.

Jonas said: "The first two kids I got to pulled me under the water. I had to get them up and get them out to him [Turnball]. They were trying to get on you and get on top of you and get out any way they can."

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