$22,000 Rings Gifted by Victim of 9/11 Stolen, His Widow Says

Monica Iken is now offering a $500 reward for the safe return of the rings.
Monica Iken is now offering a $500 reward for the safe return of the rings.(Getty)

“I’m emotional already with 9/11 approaching," said Monica Iken.

A widow who lost her husband on 9/11 is pleading for the safe return her wedding rings she says were stolen off a nightstand.

Monica Iken shared photos of her rings worth $22,000 on Twitter a week ahead of the somber anniversary, offering $500 for their safe return.  

“I’m emotional already with 9/11 approaching,” she told the New York Post. “I’ve been praying to God and Michael about helping me find this ring.”

She explained the rings vanished when she spent the night at a co-worker’s rented home in Westhampton on Aug. 13 and placed them on the nightstand.

The rings were even more significant, Iken said, since they had been blessed by the Pope during his visit to Ground Zero in 2015.

She explained the gems and wedding band were gifts from her late husband, Michael Iken, who was a bond trader killed on 9/11.

Iken had the gems refashioned into a new ring when she married FDNY firefighter Robert Murphy in 2006, which she wore until she said they disappeared earlier this summer.