Man Shields Girlfriend From Rain of Bullets: 'He's the Best Boyfriend in the World'

Camryn Crowder dove on top of Brittany Dungey to protect her in Dayton, Ohio.

As the chaos erupted in a Dayton, Ohio, bar over the weekend, a woman tripped as she tried to flee a gunman outside and her boyfriend crawled on top of her to protect her. 

Now, the couple is explaining what the experience was like. Camryn Crowder, 24, acted as a human shield to his girlfriend, Brittany Dungey, as the shots from gunman Connor Betts rang out. He then dragged her to take cover behind a concrete planter. 

“This is my hero!” she said of Crowder to Inside Edition. 

Betts was killed by police less than a minute after he first opened fire, but in that time, he killed nine people and injured many more. 

Dungey and Crowder fortunately survived. They returned to the scene Wednesday. 

“In that moment, I felt like we were going to die,” she said. “I fell down so fast I actually thought I got shot. I had to ask him, ‘Are we hit am I shot?’”

“When I covered her up I was certain a bullet was going to hit one of us. I was hoping it was going to be me,” he said.

Just three weeks ago the couple became parents. It was their first night out since the birth of their baby. 

“He's the best boyfriend in the world. Absolute best. Has a big heart and now everybody can finally see that,” she said. 

Inside Edition spoke to Betts' former girlfriend.

“It's a weird thought, my ex-boyfriend is a mass murder,” Caitlyn Johnson said. 

She dated Betts for two months earlier this year before breaking up in May.

“He told me he wanted to hurt people,” she recalled. “It just sounded like he was mad at the world. Just like some angry kid. … I never thought he would kill anyone.

"I thought he was more likely to kill himself.”