Wichita State Coach's Wife Gets Kicked Out of Game for Screaming at Opposing Team

March Sadness is upon some of us.

Adults can get as carried away as young fans during March Madness.

Lynne Marshall, the wife Wichita State's coach, was videotaped being a passionate fan during Sunday's game.

Security reportedly had to be called three times after she was overheard screaming curses at the opposing team. Witnesses said she was escorted out of the arena after security came back a fourth time.

Radio reporter Drew Franklin took the video and told Inside Edition: "She was yelling at anyone who was nearby."

He added: "She was standing on the folding chair, screaming at people behind her. The security guard who was standing near us told her multitple times to get off the chair -- at least three or four [times]. He actually had help from other security guards meeting behind us discussing how they were going to handle it since she was the coach'swife." 

Meanwhile, one young boy has become the breakout face of March Madness without ever touching the court.

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The youngster who is said to be the son of the athletic director at Northwestern University was filmed Saturday during the team’s game against Gonzaga, showing his emotion and crying because of referee decisions.

The refs are said to have made a bad call which led Gonzaga to win the game 79-73 and boot the Wildcats out of the NCAA tournament.

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Sports psychologist Lisa Lagos says parents can take steps to calm kids down when the game goes against their team.

"The teams become an extension of themselves. The win, the loss, are felt internally," he said. "One is to exercise prior to the competition, exercise reduces stress and increases coping. Sit them down and tell them it was a great opportunity and response [from the team]."

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