Young at Heart: Doris Day Finds Out She Is 2 Years Older Than She Believed She Was

She used to joke with Betty White that she was younger than the 'Golden Girls' star, now they are the same age.

Screen icon Doris Day was astounded to learn her actual age after years of believing she was two years younger.

The Man Who Knew Too Much actress, whose birthday is Monday, thought she was turning 93. However, The Associated Press obtained a copy of her birth certificate that showed she was really born April 3, 1922 — making her 95.

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"I've always said that age is just a number and I have never paid much attention to birthdays, but it's great to finally know how old I really am!" Day said in a statement to The Associated Press.

Her spokesman, Charley Cullen Walters, added: "There has long been speculation and rumors about Doris' age and we get this question a lot. Looks like we finally have the answer."

Day, who began her career as singer and dancer, later became a radio performer on Bob Hope’s weekly show, which led to her first film role in 1948's Romance on the High Seas.

She received an Oscar nomination for her role in Pillow Talk in 1959.

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The Pajama Game actress has been a longtime friend of Betty White and has often joked that she was younger than the Golden Girls star. With the new revelation, they are actually the same age.

"Now we know that they are actually just a couple months apart, and turns out it's an even bigger exciting landmark than we thought," Walters said in a statement to The AP.

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