23-Year-Old Says She Got ‘Sick as a Dog’ With COVID-19 After Spin Class

"Immediately when I started letting my guard down ... I ended up picking up coronavirus," said Peyton Chesser.

Worry continues around the spread of COVID-19 at gyms. Peyton Chesser, 23, said she played things safe for weeks by quarantining at home, but when her gym opened after all that time in isolation, she decided to go to a spin class.

Three days later, she says, she was “sick as a dog."

"Immediately when I started letting my guard down, even a little bit, and going to the gym or going to the grocery store, I ended up picking up coronavirus," Chesser said.

She said that the short workout was "not worth being sick for eight days."

And in West Virginia, a Planet Fitness was forced to close days after reopening, when one member tested positive for the coronavirus.

Some experts say that there are precautions you can take when going back to the gym.

"If you are determined to go to the gym, I would say, go to one that requires people to wear masks. Bring your own water bottle and bring enough that you won't have to use a common water source. Make sure that you bring sanitizing wipes," said Krys Johnson, an epidemiologist and assistant professor at Temple University.