Model Who Promoted Fyre Festival Didn't Attend After She Was Warned to Stay Away

Amanda Riley was offered free tickets to the event in exchange for promoting it on social media.

A model who helped promote that catastrophic music festival in the Bahamas is denying claims she was involved in the planning the event and revealed why she didn't make the trip herself.

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Amanda Riley says she was offered free travel and VIP tickets to the Fyre Festival in exchange for promoting the event to her followers on social media.

"[People] thought I was scamming them and [that] I was in on it — absolutely not," she told Inside Edition. 

She joined other top models like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Alessandra Ambrosio in hyping the festival.

Fans who paid as much as $12,000 expected luxury villas and gourmet food. Instead they say they found disaster-relief tents and a cheese sandwich in a Styrofoam box.

"I just feel so sad, so bad for them," she said after seeing what the sandwich looked like. 

Riley said she was at Miami Airport on the way to the festival when a friend who was already there warned her to stay away.

She claimed: "I am getting all of these photos and videos and, ‘Don’t come, it is a disaster!’" 

Hadid also apologized to her fans with a tweet that read: "I initially trusted this would be an amazing & memorable experience for all of us, which is why I agreed to do one promotion... not knowing about the disaster that was to come.”

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Attorney Ben Meiselas has filed a $100 million class action lawsuit against the organizers, who admitted, 'We were simply in over our heads."

"People were promised they were going to be staying in $1,000 villas and they came with tents that are basically FEMA tents that are used in disasters," Meiselas told Inside Edition. 

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